Technogenious Solutions is an autonomous group run by IIT people. We have always been fascinated by world of pixels. Some of us were always into image processing and writing software for that. We thought why not provide visual effects and related services to the international industry. So we started hiring greate talent and here we are. We provide world class visual effects, CGI Animation and 3D conversion services for international film and advertisement industry.

You would say......why you choose us ???? Well brand speaks.........IIT is one of the top institutions in the world. Being enterpreneurs, we know there is always a trade off between quality and cost. We are software professionals too, so we provide you the best trade off that you would always be looking for. You may give us some test shots too to have a test on our quality. Thats a good way to proceed with us. Isn't it :)

  • Our mission

    To provide excellent world class visual effects, CGI Animation, 3D conversion services by doing unmatchable innovation and relentless research and development at highest level of quality and minimal prices.

  • Our vision

    To work with big studios like PIXAR, Sony Image Works in the coming future. We envision of achieving this by our tradeoff between cost and quality.

  • Our motto

    Technogenious Solutions™ has been incorporated with the motto of Nurturing Ingeniousness. It means to nurture originality in any field we deal in.